Monday, July 6, 2015

Robot Fighting

I work with robots professionally and a lot of what we do at Vecna is trying to make robots harmless.   Noticing obstacles and avoiding them.  Not running into people and not even letting them think we might be about to run into them.  That sort of thing.

But other people have robots that behave differently and there's been a bit of activity recently.  It's been sort of cool.  BattleBots, a TV show about robots fighting in an arena, has recently come onto the air and you can see all the fights here.  The actual shows have a bit more team background which is sort of filler but also makes the fights a bit more dramatic.

However, the drama on BattleBots is nothing compared to the gauntlet that was thrown down recently.  Megabots is a group that's sort of trying to start something like BattleBots but instead of 250 pound remote controlled hunks of metal with buzz saws they're imagining 9000 pound piloted paintball wielding robots.  To drum up publicity they recently challenged a Suidobashi Heavy Industry's giant piloted robot Kuratas to a duel.  Here's the challenge and here's the acceptance.  Ok, it's PR.  But it's still super exciting!

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  1. Sadly, the YouTube channel doesn't seem to have the missing qualifier bouts. Oh well... now that episode 2 is a on Hulu, I'm going to go scour it for details about the robots we haven't seen yet.


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