Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Why Blog?

Why on earth should someone devote their time to writing a blog? The lure of fame and fortune (hah!) is probably a reason that some do it, but even if I was willing to play roulette there the multiple times a day posting schedule would be way more work than I'm willing to put up with.

So why blog? In the first place I do hold some hope that maybe someone out there is going be be entertained by what I'm writing, and perhaps if I'm lucky even enlightened. In the second, I don't feel that I tend to get enough practice writing from day to day and this seems like a good excuse to get more.

But the real reason, the one that actually provoked me to start, is the worry that I have too strong a tendency to keep whatever thoughts I have bottled up inside my head and that without the discipline of putting thoughts into words I'm letting my brain get flabby. Its one thing to idly consider "could I be wrong?" inside my own head and quite another to send words out into the hostile abyss of the internet. That's what I'm looking to you for, dear readers both real and imagined, challenging gazes to get me to be more careful in my thinking. Well written critical comments would be nice too, but starting out here expecting people to actually comment seems distant and almost arrogant.

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