Monday, August 31, 2015

August Links

Criminal justice reform is a big issue for me so I'm glad someone has gone to the trouble of reading all the things the various presidential hopefuls have said about it and giving the digested version here.   And relatedly, a group associated with Black Lives Matter has released some generally good and necessary proposals for police reform.  Here's a take on them I'd endorse.  But here's a post on how a citizen review board is harder than it seems I'd also endorse, for reasons I went into here and here.

If we want to be sending missions to Mars or thinking about colonizing the Moon we really have to learn how humans respond over the long run to gravity that isn't Earth normal or free fall but we haven't been researching this even though we should.

Remember that post I did on electric rockets? Someone on the internet was nice enough to give a lot of details about the various sorts that are being built now.

I'm sure we've all noticed that humans are getting fatter.  The weird thing is that other animals that live around humans are getting fatter too.  Even lab animals that ought to be fed the same way they always were.  It's really weird.

Is the FDA too conservative or too aggressive?  A bit of both.

When I think about the potential end of Moore's Law it's comforting to know that there are other laws like Koomey's that have been going on for longer.  And also that the universe gives firm theoretical limits to how advanced computers can get and that we still have a factor of 107 to go before we reach them.

The very long run for SARS Covid 2

Many of the worst pandemics that afflict us are from pathogens that don't normally prey on humans.  Probably the most famous pandemic in...