Monday, December 8, 2014

Drones and licence plates

It occurred to a little while ago that a lot of the problems some people have with drones would more or less go away if drones were less anonymous.  Like perhaps the FAA wouldn't be so restrictive if it were easier to determine who the owner or operator of a drone was.  It's hard to imagine how our traffic systems would work if it weren't for licence plates.  I'm not sure, as a practical matter, what form identification for drones would take.  A drone already has to have a wireless connection to it's operator so some sort of challenge/response could be workable if there were some way to direct the request easily.  Nothing says that a drone would necessarily answer, but nothing says that a car has to have a licence plate either.

Is this really practical?  I can't say but it seems like drones are going to be accepted more slowly if it isn't.

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